Mathematics in the curriculum

As a school we want pupils to acquire (and go on acquiring) a mastery of maths. Mastering maths means gaining a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. At any one point in a pupil’s journey through school, achieving mastery is taken to mean achieving a solid enough understanding of the maths that’s been taught to enable him/her to move on to more advanced material.

All pupils are encouraged by the belief that by working hard at maths they can succeed. Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching, where the focus is on all pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time. This ensures that all can master concepts before moving to the next part of the curriculum sequence, allowing no pupil to be left behind. If a pupil fails to grasp a concept or procedure, this is identified quickly and early intervention ensures the pupil is ready to move forward with the whole class in the next lesson. Significant time is spent developing deep knowledge of the key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning that can be sustained. Key facts such as multiplication tables and addition facts within 10 are learnt to automaticity to avoid cognitive overload in the working memory and enable pupils to focus on new concepts.

maths calculation policy

 Home Learning

As a school we aim to foster strong home-school links and the home learning set directly reinforces what the children have been learning at school. We use home learning to improve basic skills and encourage children to work as independently as possible. The children in KS2 (and Y2 from the Spring term) have access to TTRockstars and we encourage them to go on this daily to practise times tables. We are always happy to go over any misconceptions in class and each parent has a copy of our calculation policy to help with the reinforcement of working methods.

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