We have developed our curriculum for our children. It is based on our Curriculum Principles which engage and motivate children leading to greater depth of learning. Our Curriculum Principles are:

  • Having a real purpose
  • Based on real experiences
  • Involving active learning
  • Being engaging
  • Having child input
  • Involve choices

We believe that children need to become independent learners and we enable them to do this through the development of their learning muscles: Reflection, Collaboration and Resilience. Click here for more details.

Generally we teach English (Reading and Writing) and Maths discretely. Our children have phonics or spelling teaching daily. Our phonics is based on ‘Letters and Sounds’ but has been adapted but school staff for our children and to fit with curriculum 2014. Our spelling teaching is based on the National Curriculum for each year group, see plans below. Grammar is taught through our Talk for Writing (English) lessons, guided reading, spelling and handwriting sessions, see below for our school progression. Reading is taught through phonics, English lessons and guided reading with some individual reading especially for younger children. The school does not use one specific reading scheme, preferring to have a variety of books which are colour banded according to their degree of difficulty. All our books for early readers are phonically decodable. The children are able to choose their own books within their colour band with guidance from teachers and parents when needed.

Below are the overview of our curriculum, the details of each term’s learning and other information about our curriculum. If you wish to find out more about our curriculum contact the Head teacher.

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