Meet the governors

Name Representing Group Additional Role Term of Office Pecuniary/business interests
Tim Brand Foundation (DBE) Education and Welfare Wellbeing 13-10-20 to 12-10-24 None
Emily Bowditch Foundation (DBE) Education and Welfare Vice Chair, SEND, EYFS 16-02-20 to 15-02-24 Parent
Clare Cole Staff Education and Welfare Sports premium 18-11-20 to 17-11-24 Staff
Jody Foy Parents Business PE, premises, health and safety 27-11-18 to 26-11-2022


RaceNation Events Ltd

Mike Hampson LA Governor Business Chair, maths, GDPR 20-6-18 to 19-6-22 Parent
David Harding Foundation (DBE) Business – lead Treasurer of Governors’ Trust 16-11-20 to 15-11-24 None
Lesley Kellett Parents Education and Welfare – lead Safeguarding 27-09-19 to 26-09-23 Parent
Elizabeth Reynolds Head Teacher, ex officio Education and Welfare N/A Staff
Katherine Stent Foundation (DBE) Education and Welfare SEND 11-06-2021 to 10-06-2025 None
Leavers in previous year
Heather Pomeroy Foundation (DBE) RE, spiritual development 26-11-14 to 25-11-18, then 11-4-19 to 23-03-2022
Jane Twitty Diocese, ex officio Education and Welfare SEND, spiritual development left 16-10-20
Tim Creegan Foundation (DBE) Education and Welfare Governor training, Health and Safety, Pupil Premium 12-9-16 to 11-9-20

Clerk to the governors: Teresa Oulds ([email protected])

Register of Pecuniary Interests and Attendance Record at Scheduled FGB Meetings