Online safety

Our school takes internet safety and security very seriously. There are a number of documents and links here to help you and your child to stay safe on the internet. Click on the links on the right-hand side find information to help protect your child online:

Our Online Safety Agreement

We agree to:

  • use IT help us learn
  • keep passwords and account details private
  • try to recognised when we have been on a computer for too long, come off and do something else.
  • use and search for material which is suitable for school
  • follow school rules when using IT resources and the internet:

We know that we:

  • ask an adult if we can go on the internet
  • never give out personal information over the internet
  • never share our passwords
  • minimise a page and tell an adult if anything appears that concerns us or we shouldn’t see.
  • never use the internet to send unkind messages or search for offensive material
  • never open or reply to messages from unknown senders
  • think carefully about the information we read on the internet as it may not be accurate
  • only use polite language when messaging

Our teachers must:

  • check search terms and use child friendly search engines
  • show us how to stay safe on the internet using the internet safety resources

Each year we celebrate Safer Internet Day – this year the focus was ‘Be the change: Unite for a better Internet’.

Useful Links

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