Classes & Staff

Head Teacher – Mrs Lizzie Reynolds


Toy Box Pre-school – Mrs C Park (Manager), Mrs J Moseley (Asst Manager), Miss S Rolls, Mrs Epps

Cygnet Class – Reception and Year 1 – Mrs G Manzi

Kingfisher Class – Year 1 and 2 – Mrs B Casalis de Pury (Mon – Wed), Mrs E Brading (Wed – Fri)

Kite Class – Year 3 and 4 – Mrs M Pengelly

Harrier Class – Year 5 and 6 –  Mrs S Janas

SENDco – Mrs J Moseley

Support Staff:

Mrs S Leach, Mrs N Pilton, Mrs J Long, Mrs Cornthwaite, Mrs Francis, Mrs Rose, Mrs Elston, Mrs Grice, Mrs Epps

ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) : Mrs C Astington
Office Staff:

Mrs C Cole (Office Manager) Mon, Tues & Wed

Mrs L O’Malley – Wed, Thurs & Friday

Lunchtime Staff:

Mrs Gundry, Miss L Holly


Mrs C Gundry, Miss B Taylor


Mr N Barton

PFSA (Parent & Family Support Adviser)

Mrs Suzy Wedley –  contact via the Head Teacher