Kingfisher Class

Teachers:   Mrs Caroline Astington (Mon, Tues, Weds a.m) and

                       Mrs Liz Brading (Weds p.m, Thurs, Fri)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kate Francis and Mrs Joanna Long

Welcome to Kingfisher class. We are very excited to welcome all the children back to school and are looking forward to getting to know everyone. Kingfisher class has a lovely, big outside area with trees and a wooden train and a spacious classroom.

Please find out what the children will be learning about in our class newsletter below.

Autumn newsletter 2020

Welcome letter to Kingfisher class

Self isolation work: If your child is working from home please complete the following tasks below. If you don’t have a printer please write out the work on paper or in your Home Learning book if you still have it.

English: Please ensure you read every day if your child is self isolating.

Handwriting patterns

Year 1: Mat 1

Year 2: t-l-51953-year-2-autumn-term-1-spag-activity-mats_ver_11

Maths : White Rose Maths sheets. If you cannot print them out then please write the problems/answers on a piece of paper. Click on the links below.

Year 1: Y1-Autumn-Block-1-WO1-Sort-objects-2019-


Year 2:  Y2 Autumn-Block-4-WO3-Tens-and-ones-2019

Y2 Autumn-WO1-Numbers-to-50-2020

Year 1 and 2 in self isolation: A maths game to play

Topic if you are self isolating : Please create your own project about an endangered animal. Be as creative as you like e.g. paint, draw or make a booklet about an animal of your choice.

Homework for all: Our main focus for homework will be reading daily. This will be the most helpful thing you as a parent can do to help your child. Please try and read a little bit each day as it will make a huge difference. Thank you!

Spellings for Year 2: Please find the weekly spellings for the term below. They will be tested every Monday.

Kingfisher Spellings Autumn Term 1 Y2

Kingfisher Spellings Autumn Term 2 Y2


Kingfisher Class News