Use this prayer as you begin your time of worship together. Nominate a leader or all join in together.

Light a large candle. We light this candle to remember that the light of Jesus Christ is with us. Let us glorify his name. Amen.

Jesus’ ‘last speech’ in John’s Gospel talks of the relationship that exists within the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The challenge for us is not only to begin to understand and enter into that relationship, but also to play our part in it by glorifying (lifting up) God.
Bible story
John 17.1-11: Jesus talks to the Father about being glorified and prays for his followers.
Use these 3 actions to respond to the following words:
Father/God/Jesus – give a round of applause Glory/glorify/glorified – whoop and cheer You – point at the sky in triumph.
Then read the passage and ask the children to use the actions at the right moments.

Jesus looked up to heaven and prayed: ‘Father, the hour has come. Now is the time for me to be glorified. You have given me power over everyone. I will give eternal life to all those you have given to me. They will know you as the one true God and they will know me as Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. ‘I have brought glory to you in the way I have lived my life on earth. But now I have finished the work you gave me to do. And so, Father, the time is right for you to glorify me in heaven. ‘I have told the people that you sent me and that you are God. They believe in you and have been faithful to you. They know that the things I have taught them come from you, and that everything I have comes from you. ‘I am not asking for the world’s sake, but for the sake of those who belong to me. And all those who belong to me are yours. Now I am no longer in the world, but they are still in the world. I am leaving them to come to you. So I ask you, Holy Father, to protect them in your name, so that they may be as one, just as you and I are one.’ Glossary to glorify: to praise or honour greatly eternal life: fullness of life in God’s presence, both now and after death.

Talk together with children
What does it mean to glorify someone or give them glory?
 How do you think you could give Jesus glory in your life?
 How does God demonstrate his glory in the world today?
In our words…
Create an acrostic poem for the word ‘glorify’ with each sentence an expression of praise to Jesus, lifting him up.

On Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross. On Easter Sunday, Jesus came back to life. At the ascension, Jesus went to heaven.
Now we wait for Pentecost; Father, send the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and to be with us always. Amen.