Keeping Fit and Healthy

Physical and Mental well-being is so important to us all. Here are some fun & simple ideas to get children and adults ‘up and active’ in keeping fit and healthy. Physical and Mental well-being is so important to us all. 

SASP have set up a challenge for August, see how many days you can manage. #SASPAugustChallenge. fun dance moves and active games online. Free to subscribe – tons of fun activities which the children will be familiar with as many schools use this site for brain breaks and wet play.

Sport England have produced tons of resources to help keep you active.

PE with Mr C: Some of you may remember a local PE teacher from Middlezoy and Othery schools, he has now set up a youtube PE at home channel. have a go at some of his activities:

Preparing of a positive return to school in September

Here are a number of resources that I am sending out to parents over the next few weeks:

Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families – Self-care summer activity pack 
Help children create their own self-care plan for the summer holidays with this activity pack. 

Self-care kit – NHS

Practising good self-care is another important way children can get ready for the return to school. This self-care kit has lots of ideas and activities for self-care for children, including mindful colouring, breathing exercises, an emotional check-in, a self-soothe box and more.

Letting go & future plans – Partnership for Children

An important part of preparing to go back to school is to reflect on what has happened during coronavirus, as well as looking forward to the future. Parents can complete this simple activity sheet with their child to help them let go of things they may have missed out on during the lockdown.

Tips for returning to school video – Nip in the Bud

In this short video, clinical psychologist Dr Jess Richardson shares

straightforward suggestions for parents and teachers to deal with any potential apprehension or anxiety children may experience on returning to school. There is also an accompanying factsheet.

Going back to school – Partnership for Children

Parents can work through this table with their children to explore the things they may be worried about when going back to school, and ways to calm those worries.

Mindfulness calendar – Mentally Healthy Schools resource

Practising mindfulness over the summer break will help your child deal with any anxieties or worries when they return to school. This resource is a two-week calendar with a mindfulness activity suggested each day, which you could use for the last two weeks of summer.

Preparing your child for the first day back at school

This poster may help you prepare your child for returning to school; it has some top tips to help them feel more ready to come back.