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PTFA Meeting Minutes - 9th May 2013

Present: Kristel Perrin, Morag Mapstone, Angie Donovan & Di Pimm


Fundraising Efforts

Various fundraising initiatives have come to a close. Bags 2 School raised £130 and the 100 Club funds have been split between the Pool Committee and the PTFA (£500 for each). The first Tuck Shop event was well supported and enabled us to raise £26. The items available for the children to purchase are well balanced (raisins, fruit juice, flapjacks, etc.) and although it was our intention to run the next session on 10th May, it will now be held again on 24th May, with further scheduled Tuck Shop sessions being held on 7th June, 21st June and 19th July 2013. We are considering a voucher exchange idea to promote/sell more fruit items and we will run a Wimbledon themed Tuck Shop over the two week tournament.

Boardgame Evening - 16th May 2013

More volunteers are needed for this event. We hope it will encourage families to participate in this wind down games session, where each child brings in a board game and play, as well as being provided refreshments. Everyone will have an opportunity to play various games and we hope it will be an enjoyable event for both children and parents.

School CookBook

A positive response has been felt regarding this initiative, from parents and it is felt that we could all benefit from some of our teachers' creations - more info on this an all other support being provided by the PTFA will be published in a monthly newsletter, starting imminently.

End of Year Disco

A date for this will be set once we are clearer on the Sports Day event dates, but the proposed date is 11th July. We will be providing a Photo Booth; there will be dressing up props - silly glasses, hats and acessories for the children to get creative for their big photo moment! Excellent news - we have a volunteer to take the photos, although we still need to source a decent quality camera to make some fun memories for them. Each photo will cost £1. A call for parents to lend or donate props will be required - a separate note of what's needed will go in the newsletter for parents to assist.

Leavers BBQ

The PTFA organise a Leavers BBQ each year; as this is a new committee, we need clarification on what is required from Heather Wootton.

Summer Fair

We've had some excellent suggestions for fun fundraising ideas. We will be providing Crazy Sand and Guess What's In The Sock activities. Morag to organise a bank card for online purchasing & Bronze or Silver Starter Kit - Angie is awaiting email response for stock availability. The Fair will have a Hats Theme and date TBC.

PTFA Class Donations

The PTFA are donating £50 per class for essential supplies; scissors, pencils, pens, etc., in addition to £275 for a Sand Tray/Accessories for Ash Class.

PE Kit

Kristel will set up an account with Tesco for school embossed PE Kit supplies for various school sports activities, after discussion with Mrs Fenton and gathering sizing/volume needs. Will need to add a link on the school website to help parents, as it will assist with fundraising (commission paid on purchases).

New Fundraising Ideas

Angie to provide more information on EasyFundraising to get families involved, while saving them money on their online shopping. Clipper Woven Label order forms will be sent home to families in preparation for the new intake in September; a great selection on name tapes, shoe labels and stickers available, which will allow the PTFA to earn a commision on each order placed. We will promote both these fundraising scheme at the School Fair. Angie to investigate MovBand idea in more detail and present findings to the rest of the committee, as well as developing a monthly newsletter and other promotional materials.

Well Done Assembly

Details of fundraising efforts achieved, to be mentioned in Well Done, with special thanks to parents for their ongoing support and participation.

Next Meeting Date: TBC.

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